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Bass Space Oddessy Exclusive

To Space or not To Space... That is the Question

The Improbable has been kept busy of late with stories flying from the Russia Space Agency on the status of the Soyez Space Trip, including Nsync member, Lance Bass. Reports from August 1st and 2nd provided hope that the shuttle would leave by mid October. By the 3rd that date had been pushed back to the end of the month. However on the 4th startling news was announced that the trip may have been post-poned... indefinitely. However by the 7th all signs once again pointed toward go. Until the 11th when contract and money problems surfaced, forcing Bass off the flight for the time being.

Today, The Improbable is bringing you an exclusive that once again the space launch is on again, with Bass as a guaranteed passenger.

Keep reading The Improbable, as news comes every few minutes about the space traveler.
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